Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tract House at ThreeWalls

There are three shows at the Three Walls gallery. Holle Cambodia, Dispatch, and Tract House. Each is shown in a seperate room throughout the gallery. My favorite was the Tract House. In the back room there is a large table filled with zines of all sizes, colors, and content. I picked up one of each zine and read each one. It was intimidating at first, I honestly did not think i would gt through reading them all like i told myself to, but luckily I have a long train ride home. I ended up liking a lot of the reads. They ranged from promoting minamalist lifestyles, to religion, to cooking tips. Some of them were quite funny. The illustrations were interesting; politicians' heads on dinosaur bodies, greek gods, rolie polie men, and women from the fifties. I thought the most interesting part of this display was how the working was handed out. in class, we were to take our zines with a predetermined audience and disperse them, here, the artists (as written on the wall) are asking us to take these and do what we please with them, letting us pick and chose an audience for them.
If you get the chance, pick up these zines and read them. It may take some time, but they are all very interesting, and i am sure with each one you read, you will think of a possible person to pass it off to as an audience.

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