Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Anyone interested in the world of poster-printing as a creative business venture should know about Flatstock, a major exhibition/sales fair of rock poster art and related creative printing from across the country and abroad. The show, which is presented by the American Poster Institute, takes place at several large music festivals every year. This July Flatstock 17 took over a main artery of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago with all sorts of gorgeous multi-screen prints. Showgoers could buy by Chicago favorites Jay Ryan, Mat Daly, Alana Bailey, and Dan MacAdam of Crosshair, as well as tons of other printers from across the country. Flatstock 18 and 19 will take place in Seattle, WA and Hamburg, Germany this August and September. Even if you're not interested in poster-making per-se, it's pretty graphically gratifying just to soak up the incredible ways these artists use color, texture, line, pattern, transparent layers, etc. etc. The music was great and all, but I think the astounding display of accessible, affordable, interesting prints was one of the most interesting part of the festival.