Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I picked this up at the coffee shop near my house. I thought it may be interesting to check out since we have done some stencil work in class.
I actually tried to go an see the exhibit this afternoon, but it was closed due to the owners being out of town. The man working there said the best day to stop by would be Saturday between noon and four pm. I peeked through the window and it all seemed like very interesting work, I would like to see it up close and encourage everyone to go down and check it out.
It's located on Chicago near Damen at 1953-55 W. Chicago Ave. It's attached to Rotofugi the designer toy store.
If you can't read what the flier says, the featured artists are Johnathan Wakuda Fischer, David Soukup, and Peat Wollager.
I plan on visiting soon. Oh, and the toy store is worth stopping in too.

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