Monday, February 25, 2008

Zine, Substitution and Garment

My zine was a coloring book that included a crayon with every copy. The zine related to shoes so I placed them in shoe boxes at shoe stores and in shoes left at the doors of buildings.

For my substitution project I printed several versions of a television stencil onto books and placed them in book stores in sections that were related. I placed one in the Radio/TV section.

I printed on the Feminine Mystique and placed it in the Women's Studies section. I place Passions within Reason in the Romance novel section.

I used an exacto knife to cut a power button onto every page of the Feminine Mystique and volume controls on Passions within Reason.

I also experimented with the televisions stencils on black and gray striped pieces of cloth. I tacked these onto the outsides of buildings.

I printed onto 4 shirts: a vest, a bra, breasts, and a skeleton. On each I printed a string of pearls as well. The intension was that this project would work as a performance of a sort of stripping in the public space. This was suggested during a crit-it can also function throughout a week, each day revealing more as I fall apart during the week.

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