Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Social Practice in Practice


Last week I was out in Columbus Ohio contributing to a project by Red76.

The project revolves around a public copy center call the VDC.

Here is the opening quote on the VDC web page, “The Anti-War group, Vietnam Day Committee, was founded in May of 1965 in Berkeley, California; the outgrowth of a two-day long teach-in which gathered a crowd of 35,000 plus. This massive group learning session went on to form one of the earliest, and most inventive, anti-Vietnam War organizations in America at the time. Some of its founders - such as Stew Albert and Jerry Rubin - went on to found the Youth International Party just a few years later. The offices of the VDC had an extremely interesting open-door policy. The origins and actions of this particular open-door office policy serve as a jumping-off point for the VDC Copy Center initiative. We'd like to tell you more...”

Iraq Veterans Against the War Chicago and myself were invited out to help kick the space off. So we went on an organizing road trip of Ohio… doing speaking events and building support for the veterans movement. At the copy center we talked about recruitment and our experiences in the military. Then we all went to work making counter recruitment fliers and screen-printing T-shirts. Over all a lot of materials were produced and then distributed across Columbus… Check out the links.


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