Friday, February 22, 2008

To Be Brief: Undies in the Social Space.

I'm here to post up some of pictures from my underwear/condom hand-out, as well as to play devil's advocate to myself. Personal research has led me to this link:
which details a canadian safe sex and AIDS awareness movement that used printed underwear for their cause. I think this group's use of the same garment points out a potential reading of my piece (were it not for my tags) that would suggest something different, perhaps suggesting I was in fact looking for a lot more of this kind of public condom "flyering".
My question is, why weren't they just handing out condoms?
Interesting, nonetheless.
And here are some of my pictures:

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Tim Mazurek said...

I like that with the Canadian project the last think you would see before sex would be this printed reminder about condoms. There is something both funny and irritating about that. ...