Monday, February 11, 2008

Stencil Project

Hello Fellow Classmates!
Here are a couple pictures from my stencil project. The Although I printed the stencil on lots of different things(paper, gauze, wood, cardboard), the one I chose to install was the one on a wood panel. I then nailed the wood panel onto other wooden boards that blocked up a boarded up building off of the Bryn Mawr El line. You could see the parking lot where it was located from the platform, but mostly it got pedestrian traffic.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, and since then I have gone back to my installation spot to see what it looked like after that big snowfall we had last week. The board was no longer there, someone unnailed it and took it - guess someone wanted to keep it.


anna said...

I think it's a nice image and interesting that you nailed a panel onto another panel.. just curious if the image has any tie to the location? How you intended for it to interact with the public?

Tim Mazurek said...

i love that someone took the print! what could be more exciting/flattering than someone stealing your art?!!