Thursday, February 19, 2009

Public Zines, Political Tees, and Activist Artist's Books at ThreeWalls!

Hi all,
Be sure to visit ThreeWalls in the nearby gallery district at Peoria and Randolph to see three interrelated shows that are completely relevant to the themes we've been exploring this semester.

Here's their press release info:

Holle Cambodia is the first in-depth exhibition of the innovative self-publishing effort undertaken by Anne Elizabeth Moore in Phnom Penh. Featuring the group’s zines on topics as diverse as agriculture, women’s issues, spirituality, education, health care, and the country’s unique and disturbing genocidal history, the show will also house the international debut of the collaborative book New Girl Law, a rewrite of a traditional Khmer text that prescribes proper girl behavior. New Girl Law is a hand-bound, letter-pressed demand for human rights and a captivating vision of Cambodia. (Find out more at

Grass roots campaigning was the buzz word for the Obama election in a cultural climate where DIY, craft and micro-industry are once again popular as a labor-movement. Dispatch, in the back gallery, is an exhibition of DIY political T-shirts submitted by citizens around the country, made by both professional and non-professional artists and designers. The latest election inspired an unprecedented number of DIY political T-shirts, worn, given away and sold. Dispatch draws attention to how artwork and micro-industry became an important form of participation in a millennial political process where capitalist style branding and grass-roots were not-so-strange bedfellows.

The Tract House is a 'spread the word' project by artist Lisa Anne Auerbach in collaboration with graphic design by Roman Jester. While most popular tracts are religious, The Tract House are nearly everything else: manifestos, diatribes, stories, rants, poems and lyrics, personal, professional, political, domestic, local and global. Visitors to threewalls are encouraged to peruse the many tracts and take home what they wish as well as visiting The Tract House website to print the tracts on their home printers. The tracts can be treasured or passed on, crumpled in disgust or venerated, folded up and put through the laundry, or left on a car windshield.

Check out these shows and let us know what you think. The opening reception is from 6-9pm this Friday, February 20th and will remain on view through March 27.

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