Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clothing Project

Screen-printing these took a really long time to get each print looking good 4 times on the pants and twice on the shirts! I have so many extra reject cat clothes. I was a little nervous for this project, not because I was embarrassed but because I was 60% positive I was about to get arrested at, or banned permanently from at least 3 locations within a mile radius of my home. Luckily, we left all of our I.D's in the car, and we are all very fast runners if a situation came when the Harper Police or security would have attempted to catch us. We were not caught, but we made no friends that day, except for one guy who agreed to be in the movie. He was nice, but very confused. I think I am very pleased with the documentation and project.

1 comment:

J Frazin said...

Positively Terrfic!! So thats what you were doing with your prints huh? I love it.