Monday, April 28, 2008

Hi Everyone.

I wanted to give you all the link to my project blog:
I invite you all to visit and comment if you like. There isn't much there yet, but I'm hoping to get some more responses. I passed my booklets out to people around campus and left some at Quimby's and Myopic books, so hopefully some curious individuals will pick them up. Here is an image of one person's take on their deity. You can read more about what it means on my blog!


christa donner said...

Hmm. I know we talked about the project in class today, but to anyone stubling across this blog or your project's blog without more context, it's probably a bit mysterious/confusing.

Have you thought about posting an un-decorated frisbee pack and/or pages from your booklets on your blog? even some explanatory text would be useful.

This could also come in handy for anyone who's already decorated their frisbee but misplaced the booklet, or anyone trying to explain the project to a friend, etc.

Michaela said...

Good call. I'll do that!