Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New World Order Stencils

For my stencil project, I decided to relate it to the Freemasons and the Illuminati—secret related groups that have a lot of conspiracy (true or not?) behind them and supposed satanism. I chose four stencils: the symbol of the Masons (compass and ruler), the all-seeing eye (found on money), the words "New World Order" and the number 13 (number of the Freemasons). I printed the words "New World Order" on the front of dollar bills and the Masons' symbol on the back. I also printed "New World Order" with the all-seeing eye on the bumper and hood of a Dodge Minivan. The number 13 was printed with the all-seeing eye on a McDonald's fries carton. The logos of McDonald's and Dodge may be related to the Freemasons in that McDonald's old logo represents the number 13 and the Dodge logo is a modified ram's head to portray a goat's head which is a symbol of satanism.

I realize that many people may not know about these secret groups, but I believe that many people will recognize the symbols. Yesterday, during critique, I mentioned that it does not matter if a person knows all about the Masons or not, but it is more to function as a curiosity. People that recognize the symbols might want to learn more if they don't know much about the Masons, and people who don't know anything might go on the internet and search "New World Order." During critique, people mentioned that it is not enough information to put it together. I felt that seeing the all-seeing eye and those words together would connect some sort of meaning regardless of how much information a person knew, as well as the Mason's symbol and the words together printed on money. It was also mentioned that "New World Order" is a common phrase and may be used for different things, and that googling those words might land you in many places. I found that extremely hard to believe, so I did a little test. I googled "New World Order" and the whole first page only had sites pertaining to the New World Order I was speaking about.

I am curious to see what other people not in the class at UIC feel about this project and what suggestions you might have? And for the people that are in my class, do you still feel the same way knowing that "New World Order" really only means one thing?


Tim Mazurek said...

Hey there UICers- I think y'all are crazy. This project is good. A lot of people do know about the Mason's, but I think that is irrelevant. Seeing these strange symbols or phrases will function in the same way regardless of knowledge about Masons or other secret societies. We don't have access to these symbol's meanings in any case, and yet they are clearly intended to have some meaning. We feel like outsiders. We feel curious. Maybe we google, maybe we don't- who cares.
Curious is a pretty good response.

Baley said...

I am very curious to know what a Mason would think of this. While an outsider can recognize the symbols and associate them with Masonry, we really have no idea what they mean in the context of the group. Have you asked any Masons their opinion of the work?

annan said...

Thanks Tim. That was sort of what I was going for.

Baley, Yes, I am very curious as to what a Mason would think of this also. I personally don't know any Masons to ask them. Many of the Freemasons keep that identity hidden. I don't think people are supposed to know who is a Mason. I know maybe one or two people who know of someone who was/is a Mason, though, and those Masons speak nothing of where they go and what they do. So it would probably be hard to find a Mason and ask them. Maybe I could find a site or something. I don't know. That is a good suggestion though. Thanks.

christa donner said...

Just to clarify, "New World Order" is certainly a well known general concept, which is why it has been so widely used for the aforementioned song titles and events (most of which are listed in the Wikipedia entry).

It's worth noting that its listing on Google/Wikipedia is as "Conspiracy Theory," and that it is linked with numerous groups and societies which the public knows little about.

So: is the imagery of freemasonry the only way to approach this concept? Problematic as it was, Shepard Fairey's "Obey" street campaign suggested propoganda from a secret society ( until his ego got the best of him. Another contemporary artist whose work overlaps this field is Jenny Holzer.

Tim Mazurek said...

Jenny Holzer is a really good example. Her Inflammatory Texts would be really good to look at in relation to this. Also, Ryan Fenchel is a Chicago based artist who often deals with secret societies in his work. He has a show up right now at Roots and Culture. I'd like to see you take this project even further. What if you made up your own secret codes and they started showing up everywhere? Go!

annan said...

Hey Christa! Yeah, "New World Order" may be a well known general concept, but it generally refers to the New World Order and conspiracy. I think I misunderstood you, then, because I thought you meant it had a variety of meanings, which it really does not.

Certainly, the imagery of masonry is not the only way to approach this concept, but it is often thought that the masons are behind the New World Order. I now understand what you are saying, though.

Tim, I think that is an excellent idea! I might just give it a go!

mason282 said...

As a Mason I would like to comment about the things that I have read. First off what makes everyone think that it is a "Secret Society"? If everyone knows about us how is it a secret, We post our meeting times and places our Lodges are marked prominently and We invite guests in to visit the Lodge...what is so secret? The fact that certain things that we doing in the degrees are secret that our modes of recognition are secret yes that is true but what is the difference really from any other organization? Can I come to where you work and sit in your meetings and listen to the topics and things that you discuss? I can answer that for you the answer is NO. Why becuase the things that you do to conduct business are private and yes I use the word private not secret. Because you arent allowed into the meetings people claim that we are trying to take over the world....hogwash as Grandda used to say. Let me tell you a lil situtation that arose...A railroad building was being closed as I was approached and asked if I would like 10 railroad ties to decorate the landscaping. I brought it before the Lodge and the Brothers took 3 seperate meetings to decide on wether or not they wanted them and then if they did what exactly to do with them.. Does that sound like a society that can rule a whole planet when the Brothers cant decide on what to do with simple railroad ties?
And I would like for you to think about this also, how many of the founding fathers were masons, how many famous actors and others were masons? If we were going to take over the world dont you think that in over 200 years of our countries history we would have done so by now? I am Master of My lodge and would enjoy commenting and answering all your questions.

WB Jim Talaska
Wake Forest Lodge # 282

Godlessfreedomfighter said...

Wow. If you haven't realised you've been in the process for quite some time. Why would we believe anything you could say about freemasonry? Don't you think that because of all of the "founding fathers," more recent presidents, actors, CEO's, FBI, CIA, blah blah being masons is part of the reason us non-whitecollar criminals(I mean that in the best way possible) have become so suspicious of your goals as a "private organisation?" Plus, I bet you're not above 32nd degree , and if you are you're a christian unlike a good majority of the masons running or country... Or quite possibly you're just playing dumb.

Look at our dollar bill, look at our current president, Obama(being a 32nd degree) our past presidents Bush jr, Bush Sr.
Look at America in the last 50 years. Where has this ignorance come from as to where we just blindly consume, watch, obey, and push ourselves into debt.
We're not as civilised as it may seem, just because we're surrounded by semi-intelligent technology doesn't mean we should be trusting where it's coming from.. And the same with our government, what reason do we have to trust upper class white collar america to run our blind third world country?

Avery said...

I was looking for "Freemasonry Stencil" in Goggle and came across your blog. As a Freemason it makes me laugh how outsiders think there is more to the "Fraternity" then what it really is. Here is an idea for anyone who is not a Mason and wants to know more: Visit the Grand Lodge in your state. Yeah crazy idea I know but you know what....we are not a secret organization just an organization with secrets. No different than a corporation. By the way New World Order as it implies to the United States is simple, no tricks or conspiracy theories. It only meant that our government with 3 branches, a president instead of a king but more importantly that power is derived from the people (or at least is supposed to be) was a new government system that was never done before. Anyway, hit me up if you want to know more or go to and apply for a Freemason to contact you and let you know about the Fraternity. Best thing I ever did. By the way, getting back to my suggestion above, every state has one Grand Lodge and they are open to the public for tours and if they have a library you can read the books just you can't take them out. My name is Avery and I am from NY. Don't waste your time on conspiracy nonsense, they don't pay the bills.