Monday, March 10, 2008

Bed Bug Project

Long story short, my apartment had a bed bug problem earlier this year. Most people don't know much, if anything about bed bugs, but they're a growing problem in cities, so I decided to address this in my final project. I'm working on a collaborative piece with an online community of bed bug victims at

I was inspired by hobo symbols and wanted to create a image to tag infested buildings (like mine) to warn people away, but also to serve as a sign of solidarity among fellow sufferers of bug trauma and raise awareness of the problem.

Check it out at this link, which has more pictures and a detailed description of my goals and process.

if anyone has also had bed bugs and would like to become a part of the project, please email me at for further information

(posted by Debi. I can't figure out how to turn off my Blogger username)

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Tim Mazurek said...

This project works well on so many levels. It is beautiful- both the prints themselves and their installation on the building look great. It is activist work that manages to avoid all of the problems with that type of work. It is personal. It functions as a solidarity builder. It has a life on the internet through the posting at It also has potential for being easily spread and shared with others.
I think it is really wonderful. It is too bad you had to have the last crit because I don't think we paid you enough attention. Nice work.