Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Fine Art of Parking

Some interesting projects related to parking spots and meters I came across recently.

Parking Meter Philanthropy
Comic book store owner Benn Ray set up these faux parking meters around Baltimore to collect money for the homeless, counting down the minutes from hope to despair. Audio info is provided by NPR's Morning Edition. Here's another, similar meter project in Dayton, OH. Much feedback on this blog about the effectiveness (or not) of this idea.

The Gift of Free Parking

Philip Von Zweck's Poster project invites people to give the Gift of Free Parking to strangers, positioning the act with a foldable holiday tree and a situationist quote. Check it:

San Francisco collective Rebar used their quarters to turn metered parking spaces into public PARKS. Their site includes a how-to for creating public parks in your own city, as well as video, audio, and photo footage of their 2006 intervention.

Other parking-related art:
* Mark Jenkins' Parking Meter Lollipops
(check out his other public projects, too)

*Natalie Jeremijenko's elaborate color-coded parking plan
(as yet unrealized).
*Helmut Smits' racially-charged parking for white cars only installation.

Seen any others of note? Post 'em!

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